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Do you want to search: Copper Foil Tape Foil Tape - Heat Resistant Tape - Acetate Cloth Tape - Masking Tape...


Do you want to search: Copper foil tape - Foil tape - Heat resistant tape..


HONG TENGThree advantages

—— We always establish quality as the fundamental guarantee for the success of the enterprise, and implement strict enterprise management ——

Has advanced production equipment

The company has advanced automated production equipment and perfect testing equipment and dust-free workshop.

Sufficient material inventory

There are a number of long-term cooperative raw material manufacturers. The manufacturers have sufficient direct sales inventory, timely delivery, free delivery at the speed of light, high customer satisfaction rate, and provide one-stop design, production and distribution services.

Quality after-sales service

7x24 hours online customer service consultation, convenient for you to contact at any time, solve the problem for you at the first time, the same quality, better price, more intimate service

HONG TENG Products

—— Strictly control the production process, carefully build each product ——

Company Exhibition

—— With the business philosophy of "integrity and responsibility, teamwork, and sustainable management"

and "high-quality and fast" service commitment, we provide satisfied and dedicated services to new and old customers. ——

Dongguan Hongteng Electronic Material Co., Ltd.




Dongguan Hongteng Electronic Material Co., Ltd. was established in May 2003, located in Shijie Town, a famous electronic town in Dongguan City, with a plant area of 6,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of conductive metal materials, insulating materials, and special adhesive tapes. Formed a production pattern of independent research and development, own production, and own brand. Hongteng Electronics always strictly controls all manufacturing links in accordance with the standard operating procedure (SOP), and has obtained ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. The products meet ROHS, SONY-GP environmental management standards and UL fire rating standards. Through a comprehensive internal management system to Ensure customer requirements for product quality, environment and safety.


Chibi Huateng Electronics Co., Ltd.




Huateng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. located in Chibi is a large-scale production base of the company, with an investment of 40 million yuan and an area of over 20,000 square meters. demand.

HONG TENGProduction Equipment

—— Has a large number of professional production equipment, which can fully meet the needs of research and development, production, testing, etc. ——

HONG TENGApplications

—— Products are widely used in various industries such as communications, fitness equipment, electrical and electronic, automotive and optoelectronics ——


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