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Common sense introduction of copper foil tape

Author:东莞市鸿腾电子材料有限公司 Click: Time:2019-12-05 10:45:23

1. The test condition of copper foil tape is room temperature 25 ℃, relative humidity below 65 ℃ using American ASTMD-1000 test results.

2. When storing copper foil tape, please keep the room dry and ventilated. Domestic copper is generally stored for 6 months. Imported copper can be stored for a longer period of time and is not easily oxidized.

3. Copper foil tape is mainly used to eliminate electromagnetic interference EMI, to isolate the harm of electromagnetic waves to human body, mainly used in computer peripheral wire, computer monitor and transformer manufacturers.

4. Copper foil tape is divided into single-sided adhesive and double-sided adhesive. Single-sided coated copper foil tape is divided into single-conductor copper foil tape and double-conductor copper foil tape. Single-conductor copper foil tape means that the coated surface is non-conductive, and only the other side is copper conductive, so single-conductor is single-sided conductive ; Double-conducting copper foil tape means that the rubber-coated surface is conductive, and the copper on the other side is also conductive, so it is called double-conducting. There are also double-sided coated copper foil tape used to process into more expensive composite materials with other materials. The double-sided coated copper foil is also divided into conductive and non-conductive. The customer can according to their own needs for conductive To choose.

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