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Teach you how to distinguish high temperature tape

Author:东莞市鸿腾电子材料有限公司 Click: Time:2019-12-05 10:48:30

High temperature resistant adhesive tape, that is, adhesive tape used in high temperature operating environment. Mainly used in the electronics industry. The temperature resistance of high-temperature resistant tapes is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. High-temperature resistant tapes are often used in painting, baking leather processing, coating and shielding, and fixing in electronic parts manufacturing processes, printed circuit boards and high temperatures. Handle occlusion. High-temperature tapes include KAPTON high-temperature tape; Teflon high-temperature tape; high-temperature masking tape; PET green high-temperature tape; high-temperature double-sided tape, etc.

  Identification of true and false high temperature adhesive tape:

  1. The high-temperature adhesive tape mainly consists of 2 parts, the base material and the glue are 2 large parts. Some manufacturers have adopted a method to reduce costs and reduce prices. Their true quality is greatly reduced; Take KAPTON high-temperature tape as an example No matter the temperature resistance or insulation performance is far lower than the real polyimide tape, the actual substrate used is brown PET film coated with silicone, because the actual application temperature in some industries does not need Too high, no more than 260 degrees, the maximum temperature resistance of PET is 220 °, so it is generally not easy to notice, and even worse, the use of silicone glue and other glues, its temperature resistance is far less than 150 °.

  The high temperature resistant adhesive tape is mainly distinguished from the following points:

1. Taste;

2. Appearance;

3. Residue after ignition and combustion;

4. The actual high temperature test, after the high temperature of 260 °, check whether there are residual glue, shrinkage and other phenomena.

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