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Performance and application scope of high temperature adhesive tape

Author:东莞市鸿腾电子材料有限公司 Click: Time:2019-12-05 10:49:30

High temperature adhesive tape, that is, adhesive tape used in high temperature operating environment. It is mainly used in the electronics industry. The temperature resistance is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is commonly used in paint spraying, baking leather processing, coating shielding and fixing in electronic parts manufacturing processes, printed circuit boards and high temperature processing shielding. High-temperature tapes include KAPTON high-temperature tape; Teflon high-temperature tape; high-temperature masking tape; PET green high-temperature tape; high-temperature double-sided tape, etc. High temperature green tape;

Teflon high temperature adhesive tape has the following characteristics:  

1. Not sticky;

2. High and low temperature resistance, long-term use of the product temperature resistance up to 260 ℃;

3. Corrosion resistance;

4. Low friction and wear resistance;

5. Moisture resistance High insulation;

Teflon high temperature adhesive tape is mainly used for: 

1. Insulation coating of wire and cable industry;

2. Insulation lining of the electric oxygen industry;

3. The surface cladding of the storage drum and the friction surface lining of the guide rail can be directly attached to various large planes and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers). The operation is simple, and the professional equipment, special processes and transportation must be avoided for spraying PTFE Restrictions on processing to professional spraying plants;

4. Used as high temperature insulation material in textile, food, medicine, wood processing and other departments;

5. Color printing packaging machine, plastic woven wire drawing machine, microwave drying, various conveyor belts and various hot-sealing bagging machines in garment hot-stamping, sealing and packaging industries, hot-pressing sealing end faces of sealing machines, etc.

High temperature adhesive tape PET green tape has the following characteristics: 

1. Excellent initial adhesion and adhesion;

2. No glue left, no warping or falling off after baking;

3. Solvent resistance;

4. Acid and alkali resistance;

5. Long-term temperature resistance 200 ℃.

High temperature PET green tape is mainly used in: 

1. High-temperature spraying and powder-shielding for case, tempered cup, etc .;

2. High temperature shielding of PCB board;

3. PCB board tin-baking, gold-plated shielding;

4. LED dot matrix block, digital tube, electrical appliance LED display panel and other high-temperature pouring and shielding;

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