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Application of copper foil tape in aviation

Author:东莞市鸿腾电子材料有限公司 Click: Time:2019-12-05 10:52:08

There are two types of aviation metal tapes, one is thinner and is used for temporary maintenance work on non-stressed parts of the aircraft, such as the temporary repair of the interior decorative panels of the cabin. The other type of aerospace metal tape is thicker, and is mostly used for temporary surface treatment of external stress and windward components of aircraft, including dents, cracks, abrasion of paint, delamination of sound-absorbing layer, and tearing. The tape wound on the wing of the Kunming aviation aircraft, which was reported by netizens, should belong to the above-mentioned second thicker type of aviation metal tape.

From a professional point of view, the general appearance of metal tapes is aluminum foil tapes and copper foil tapes. Aluminum foil tapes are mainly used for collective external repair, and can also be used to wrap heated steam pipes, which can prevent the temperature from escaping outwards. The role of copper foil tape is mainly used for the conduction of insulators that are difficult to fix, and it is less used in aviation. The internal adhesive layer of these two metal tapes is mostly rubber / acrylic adhesive.

Metal tape has excellent texture, high cost, strong adhesion, safety and reliability. It is an essential material often used in aircraft routes and regular inspection and maintenance work. It is widely used in aircraft maintenance work, especially in many links of rapid temporary maintenance. From the "Kunming Aviation Airplane Wing Wrap Tape", it can be seen that the high professionalism and mandatory safety measures of the civil aviation industry make it in a relatively closed environment, which is not well known to the society. And engaged in civil aviation work, especially flight driving, maintenance and other technical professional work, is a professional group strange to the outside world. Coupled with the media's hype for public opinion supervision, it turns an ordinary work behavior that is considered normal by civil aviation people into an uproarous news. It can be seen from this that for China's civil aviation to really step out of the industry and to the world, the first thing is to lay a solid foundation. This foundation includes not only the rapid development of its own industry, but also its own propaganda and aviation knowledge for the broad audience dealing with civil aviation popular.

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