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What matters should be paid attention to by conductive fabric manufacturers?

Author:东莞市鸿腾电子材料有限公司 Click: Time:2019-12-05 10:47:45

In the mobile phone, computer and other electronic product industries, an electronic shielding material is used. This material is conductive cloth. I believe everyone is familiar with conductive fabrics. I have introduced the types of conductive fabrics to you before. So today I want to tell you about the precautions of conductive cloth.

The conductive cloth can be used as an electronic material in all cases. The conductive cloth is also required for the environment in which it is used. The use environment of the conductive cloth requires that the working temperature should be in the range of -40 degrees to 70 degrees. If the conductive cloth exceeds this range, unexpected conditions may occur and the conductive cloth cannot continue working. The material of the conductive cloth is generally strong pressure sensitive adhesive, and the adhesive area cannot exceed 60% of the installation area. This is a problem that should be paid attention to when using conductive cloth.

There are also some precautions: the positioning error of the conductive cloth is ± 1mm, and the material error of the conductive cloth manufacturer is ± 2mm. When using conductive cloth, it is very likely that the length of the conductive cloth is not enough, then you need to splice, but there can only be two splicing at most, and the veneer material cannot be shorter than 200mm. It should also be noted that when bonding the conductive cloth, you must use force to ensure the reliability of the conductive cloth. If the bonded conductive cloth cannot be used continuously. The last thing worth noting is also the more important attention. When using conductive cloth, the surface must be cleaned, and there must be no oil or dust, so as to avoid affecting the shielding and conductive effect of the conductive cloth. Clean gloves to prevent finger prints from contaminating the conductive cloth. Do not touch the conductive cloth directly with your hands.

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